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Review for Laptop
Windows 7 updates
Took my laptop in to be upgraded to windows 10, Pete had it all done and back to me within 24 hours and all for just £26. Excellent service
Review for HP Elite

Great service and value for money

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Testing 123


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I have used this service last week & the guy was very helpful & steered me in the right direction thereby saving me a lot of money. Excellent service.

Daniel Longfellow

I took my Tosh’ laptop to Pete’s, as my DVD optical reader had ceased to communicate with my computer and operations had become very laboured. Pete had a quick look and said I need a replacement DVD reader. He also noted how slow the computer was performing, so I left it with him for the day. He ‘cleaned’ up the computer, getting rid of a lot of unnecessary files and lurking viruses, cleaning up the disc, leaving me with a much faster computer than it was previously. Pete found a new replacement DVD reader online and I took my Tosh’ back to him again to have it fitted. As the new DVD reader, came with a black drawer cover, Pete even took the grey coloured one off the old reader and put it onto the new, so my computer now looks as good as new.

Malcolm Alder-Smith

Fast, friendly and highly professional service.


So quick and efficient. My computer is now so fast. Thank you
Ann Monk

I took my laptop into his shop that is within Shanklin town. It was running very slow and just takes 10 minutes to load. He had it for just over a day and I have just got it back, the speed has vastly improved. Excellent Sevice Would Recommend to friends and family.
Mark Gibbons

Our laptop was in desperate need of a ‘service’. Pete was great as he had to spend quite a considerable amount of extra time on it, but it is now up to date and working like a dream.
Nicola French

Peter has been servicing and repairing my computers since 2000. He has always given excellent service and has put himself out to help me on several occasions, as he did again this time. I can thoroughly recommend him.

Pete was great. Computer totally not working so he took it in and sorted it out completely. Really helpful and friendly
Sue Lax

My Vaio laptop is quite old. The screen was not working and it was so slow. I had decided to dump it but thought I would give it one last chance. Took it to Pete who gave it a health check, clearing up old files and viruses that had crept in. Laptop now back in full working order, much quicker and screen working.
Ralph Wilson

Efficient, very professional with customer care as well as computer problems
John Green

My old computer needed a first class service which Peter gave it. Highly recommended to all who need a fast and professional service on their computer.
Harry Wall

Peter was a great help on more than one occasion recently. He went out his way to help us in both a professional and friendly manner. Thanks again. We will certainly be recommending him.

Pete’ s first class service was delivered in a most friendly and professional way. Would not hesitate to recommend him in the future.

Bought a reconditioned laptop from Pete after spilling water on my old one. Ended up with a Dell. Super machine considering the price. Serves my purposes 100%. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pete for all laptop/computer requirements.

After many experiences with inferior so-called “computer experts”, who I have paid a lot of money to, I found Pete. He sorted all the problems I was having with my laptop and his fee was very reasonable. Long may he continue in business.
Peter Dodson

I have recently been to Pete’s Computer Services and would highly recommend him and his service. I am not very technically minded and Pete soon realised this and soon started to speak in a way I could understand and everything became much clearer. Pete was really helpful and even managed to save me money on my purchase. If I have a problem I know I would make Pete my first point of call!

Been going to Pete for years, always sorts my computer out. Put Windows 10 on for me and it is so much easier than I thought it would be. Thanks Pete.
Sue Stead

An excellent and very professional service. I took my Toshiba lap-top in as it was coming up with various warnings regarding my computer was not turning off correctly. Pete fixed the problem and run a health check on my computer. Its never worked better a lot faster than it was. So a big thank you to Pete.

What a superb service , my Samsung laptop was in a total mess.but must give high praise to Pete who restored it ,and its now working better than I expected. good job…..
Ian Dockay

Pete, reliable as ever, fixed my laptop within 24 hours. Have used his services since 2004, always friendly and full of good advice.
Ray Attrill

Fast,friendly and professional service. Highly recommended.

Excellent service, and where you also get more for your money … I highly recommend it. Thanks Pete!!
Sonja Read

Following a system crash which ‘wiped’ the operating system, programmes and data from my desktop, Pete analysed the problem, performed a service and restored the functionality very quickly. He also replaced the broken DVD-RW. An extremely professional service, moderate prices.
John Evans

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